how to add casters to a chair

Includes a set of 5 standard office chair casters which can be installed by inserting into the standard c aster socket holes in the bottom sides of the base legs. This is NOT a low-quality imported ch.

For a grip caster (with a stem that is not threaded), push the caster’s stem into the chair leg until the top of the caster is flush with the bottom of the chair leg. If the caster is hard to get into the hole, add some lubricant (like WD-40) to the inside of the leg or use a rubber mallet to drive the caster in.

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Of the four people I had try the chair, all were able to make it fit them perfectly with just these controls; the rest adjusts automatically. The only downside to the chair were the casters. seat.

Add Casters to a Chair. April 11, 2013 by Jennifer 14 Comments.. So I crossed my fingers and hoped that I could add some wheels to the bottom without much cost, effort, or ruining of chairs and am happy to report that I came out ahead on all counts.

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Office chairs and dining chairs are frequently built with casters attached. You can add casters to any chair if the legs are built sturdy enough to support them. Choose a chair with wooden legs at least a quarter-inch thick in each direction.

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If you had to unscrew your chair caster, you have the threaded stem casters. If they just pop out and have a smooth cylindrical surface with a spring-washer type ring at the tip, then you have the grip-ring type casters. Size. The wheel diameter here is less important than the diameter of the stem.

Attach casters to whittled bottom of chair leg using drill and screws. Tip: If any gaps are left between the chair leg and the interior of the casters, add carpenter’s glue inside the gaps to keep the fit extra tight.

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