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The Chair should make sure that all reports given at the meeting are brief and to the point. This will help keep the whole meeting short. People are more likely to attend meetings that are run efficiently and end on time! When a motion is made it must be seconded. The Chair should then state the

Prior to taking over as chair, Lazenby had been vice chair since 2014, a member of three committees including audit and attended 32 out of 33 board and committee meetings in the past three years,

The role of a chairman in a meeting is to direct the meeting by clarifying roles, establishing rules and participating as one of the members. The chairman summarizes key decisions and recommendations made during the meeting while ensuring members remain accountable. The chairman closes the meeting on time.

In this video, staff author jess stratton shows users how to chair a meeting, which can involve basic tasks like seeing who is coming, making changes, changing the time, and sending updates.

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Chairing Meetings. One of the most important roles of the Chairperson is steering a Management Committee through its business effectively and efficiently. A good Chair will be mindful of the following basic points! Before the Meeting. Plan the agenda with the chief officer and officers. include items brought to you by other members.

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Define chairperson – The chairperson for a meeting (otherwise known as the chair) is the person who has been appointed as the highest ranking officer at the event. The chairperson for a meeting presides over the event to ensure that participants are following the conventions of the meeting.

The Chair seeks (from those who were present) confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting. If any amendments have been proposed in the agenda or are proposed at the current meeting, the Chair invites those members who were present at the last meeting to consider them and to agree on the specifics of any amendments to be made.